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Private and commercial clients, including Grid Iron Theatre Company, Royal Lyceum Theatre and the Scottish Storytelling Centre, have commissioned work that ranges from original drawings to an entirely hand-sewn appliquéd curtain for a performance space.

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Example of a Private Commission

This piece was commissioned by a client familiar with my work and wanted a gift for his wife’s 50th birthday. Because she had roots on the seafaring islands of Shetland, he proposed drawing on the tradition of selkie folk tales.

At the outset, the client specified a price range and gave an indication of the dimensions he wanted for a piece to hang between two windows in the family home. I produced a series of four or five sketches, and met up with him to discuss different compositions and agree on the best one; we spoke about colour and whether he wanted the image framed. All in all, the process took a couple of months to complete.

I am open to discuss any ideas and projects without obligation to make an immediate commitment.


A previous client comments...

"Kate Leiper is one of the most talented young artists working in Britain today. Intellectually and imaginatively never still, her painting reveals the enormous wealth of her learning, her restless search for the great truths of being, and her sensitive, emotional, and keenly perceptive northern soul. In 'The Seal Wife' we are lured into a world of fantasy and faery, which beguiles and enchants. She also delights, with the unexpected, but gloriously witty and life-affirming discovery of the golden wedding ring, incongruous, but simultaneously just right, in the submarine blue of the sea. It is a painting of great depth and meaning. It tells a haunting story with great compassion and understanding. This is just one of many Kate Leiper's works which have moved me deeply and at which I have greatly marvelled. Here indeed is an artist to be fostered and cherished."


The Seal Wife
45 x 95 cm



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